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Private Practice Consultation


Are you wanting to open a successful private practice accepting only private-pay clients? You're in the right place. I run a successful private pay practice working 3 days a week and you can too. I'd love to set up a consultation to help you meet your goals. 

See what others I've worked with have to say. 


"I was preparing to launch my counseling private practice, so I reached out to Jordie for a consultation. She was able to give me clear direction and next steps to prioritize my goals for the practice in order to support my vision. Jordie was encouraging throughout the process and extremely professional"

Zoe Shaw, LPC 
Atlanta, GA



"When I transitioned from agency work to full time private practice I felt nervous to make the leap into the unknown, having Jordie as a support and encouragement during the process was invaluable. I really appreciated how connected Jordie was with resources to help build my own confidence in private practice as well as better understand the business side of running my own practice. Jordie taught me so much about networking and marketing which I felt completely lost on when I first started-I still use it to this day in my practice and find the information to be extremely beneficial."

Emily Schleich, LMFT
Denver, CO



"My experience with Jordie was insightful. I expressed to Jordie that I was hoping to start my own private practice and not only did she give me a plethora of resources but she also gave me words of encouragement for what to expect. It felt great to have another woman in the same field as me rooting for my success. Jordie also assured me that she would be available to me when I needed to check in for updates. I would definitely recommend Jordie for anyone looking to have a consultation."

Taylor Grantham, LLPC
Detroit, MI


"Jordie has a way of connecting with people, instills confidence, and shares her knowledge. When I was looking to grow my private practice I reached out to Jordie to see "how she was being successful". The support and information she provided helped me take my practice to the next level."

Kyle Barth, LMFT
Orem, UT

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